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7 Things you did not know about Laili Lau

1.) Laili Lau is a Venezuelan-born and raised fashion designer, grew up in the ever-green Caracas valley and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

2.) With an Asian and Latin American mixed household and her innate sensibility towards textures and color present in nature, she developed a unique style that comes through since she first started sewing garments back in 2005.

3.) Laili sees each of her pieces as an artistic extension of herself: throughout various collections, she has unveiled a concept that encapsulates her aesthetic sense, as well as her eco and socially conscious side.

4.) Her main drive is to reflect the sense of wonder produced by the natural world and the power of femininity.

5.) Her mission has always aimed to be sustainable, ethical and season-less so that each garment becomes a sort of collectible piece: beautiful, desirable, and durable. The scraps are then made into other garments or donated to creative workshops for vulnerable children.

6.) Every collection is a slight evolution of the previous one, introducing new elements but maintaining a common thread in terms of colors and fabrics. From the most recent to the very first, all pieces fit together in harmony.

7.) Laili Lau has stepped up during COVID-19 to make mask for essential workers.

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