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Top 10 Books covering Systemic Racism in the Supply Chain

The United States of America is entering into a new age of reform.

As a collective US citizens are looking beyond the history lessons taught in school. It is now acknowledged that many history lessons left out systematic slavery. Citizens are taking to the streets, social media and ordering books to find the lost history.

Due to a recent surge in self-education, anti-racism books have sold out across the internet. If you’re looking to learn more about systemic racism within the US, we have compiled a list of available readings regarding the subject. These works specifically focus on racial discrimination within the supply chain and fashion industry as a whole. If available, we encourage you to purchase these readings through our provided links in order to help support local, independent bookstores! 


Stitched Up explores consumerism, class, and advertising to reveal the interests which benefit from exploitation. Tansy E. Hoskins critiques the portrayal of race in fashion, Stitched Up also examines the global balance of power in the industry.

This book offers a comprehensive guide to key theories, perspectives, and developments in the fashion industry. Edwards dicusses how the expansion of the fashion industry has depended on patterns of racial discrimination in employing immigrant workers. 

Based on extensive research on workers in both the Health Care sector and in the Garment Manufacturing sector, this book explicitly addresses racism in the paid workplace, showing how racism, and by corollary sexism, are systemic to society. 

The contributors to Racism Postrace examine the concept of postrace and its powerful history and allure, showing how proclamations of a post-racial society further normalize racism and obscure structural antiblackness.


The Dangers of Fashion examines the ethical, social, and environmental dangers that arise as fashion products are produced, manufactured, and sold. 

Clothing Poverty takes the reader on a vivid journey to reveal how clothes are manufactured and retailed, bringing to light how fast fashion and clothing recycling are interconnected.

Slaves to Racism is a historical eyewitness account of the effect of racism in two countries, one black, one white, showing how American racism traps blacks even in Africa.

This work seeks to challenge the racism of aesthetics and the facade of inclusion in the fashion industry. It is available to read for free through this link. 

The author examines the gender, race and class relations that uphold the production of women's fashion in the UK.

Addressing the current mania for big-name labels and cheap fashion, this book sets an agenda for the urgent changes that can and need to be made by both the industry and the consumer.



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