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Fashionable Sustainable and Ethical Dresses for Fall 2018

Updated: May 10, 2020

Labor day - as tradition goes the kids go back to school.

The office summer hours end. It is time to start switching out to the fall wardrobe.

Wait, it is still hot outside and you do not want to throw on that sweater just yet. Nor do you want to give up your easy summer dresses. We selected the perfect sustainable dresses for you to transition your wardrobe all the way to the winter.

The Reformation Sustainable Dress for Fall 2018

If you have been following our blog for a while you already know that we seriously crush on The Reformation. All of their clothes are made in-house at their LA factories. They know what is happening in their supply chain. (You can even tour The Reformation's factories) They value carbon off-setting and limit how much water is used in their denim. They make their clothes from deadstock which gives old textiles new life.

Everlane Ethical Dress Fall 2018

Everlane is about radical transparency. Unlike traditional brands they breakdown the cost of each garment. So you know when you buy it how much money went into labor, shipping, the material, etc. Everlane hand selects the factories they work with. Making the information accessible for you to do research. If you really want to know who made your clothes. Aside from their ethical practices when you buy clothes you really want to know the fit and feel of the clothes. Each garment has a model walking to show how the garment moves and flows. If you have a question about fit you can always send them a quick email.

Thread 4 Thought Sustainable Dresses Fall 2018

Thread 4 Thought was founded in 2006 with the idea that the fashion industry needed to be sustainable. They took the opposition to fast fashion. Thread 4 Thought is thoughtful in how they source the materials. They use recycled polyester, modal and organic cotton. They have excellent basic sustainable dresses that can be transitioned from summer to fall with some easy layering. Thread 4 Thought is also good for the conscious consumer who is on a budget. They have great sale price points.

Eileen Fisher Sustainable Dresses Fall 2018

You can not talk about sustainable fashion without mentioning Eileen Fisher. She is a pioneer in the field. The brand achieved B-Corp statues in 2015. Achieving B-Corp status for any business is not an easy task. The high standards ensure that the people in the supply chain are taken care of and there is a high accountability for environmental performance. Eileen Fisher achieved the award based on their vision for 2020 to improve the company's conscious business practices.

P.S. - If you are building your sustainable collection or just buying new outfits for fun, please consider going through the links in this blog post. It helps keep the website going, community-supported, and the information free! Plus, it doesn't cost any extra. Win-win!

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