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Spring Jeans: The Denim 'Must Haves' for Spring 18


Levi's 710 Super Skinny Jeans $89.50

I'm not sure ripped jeans every left once they hit in the 90s. We love how these more subtle slits give a little attitude to the little black skinny.

Levi's knows every drop counts, that is why they are so serious about saving water.

Their designers are constantly thinking of new ways to cut back on H2O, such as

reusing water during production and creating new finishes that require less water than the traditional processes. They were one of the pioneers is using less water in production

and have shared their methods with others to inspire industry-wide progress.


DL1961 Mara Ankle Mid Rise Straight $198

These have just the right amount of fringe and will definitely set you apart from all the other cropped denim lovers this season. DL1961 is on a mission to rewrite the way denim is made. From responsibly sourced raw materials to partnering with some of the world’s most socially responsible vendors, all steps in their supply chain are optimized to save water and energy. And those beautiful blue colors? Their dyes come from natural pigments derived from plants which reduces the amount of toxins polluting our fresh water .AH-MAZE- ING.


AG Jeans The Ex-Boyfriend Slim $398

We love the tonal embroidery on this pair of jeans which elevates them from the rest of the denim pack and with the rips in all the right places, you can't go wrong. AG’s is a positive example of business integrity. They have their own vertically integrated

facilities which gives them the unique ability to carefully monitor and control their production process. One example of their sustainability efforts is their commitment to reduce the amount of waste they generate. They cut their patterns in a way that maximizes fabric yardage and keeps the amount of leftover materials at a minimum. Excess scraps are collected for recycling on a weekly basis, and are repurposed as home and care insulation.


RE/Done Wide Leg Crop $225

You need a wide crop in your wardrobe this year and we think we have found the perfect pair for you! RE/DONE jeans are a celebration of the Levi’s jean’s past and a continuation of the jean’s individual story. They take the vintage denim apart at the seams, repurposing it as the fabric for a new pair of jeans.They manufacture their jeans in downtown Los Angeles using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals. Their waste is limited as each pair is handpicked, hand cut, and distinctly one of a kind.


Amour Vert – AGOLDE Exclusive Sophie Crop $198

We love how soft, cozy and classic these jeans are. You can literally wear them with anything. A sustainable shop collaborating with a sustainable denim brand! The beautiful soft color is achieved through technological advanced processing techniques which reduces the use of water. Committed to innovation and environmental responsibility AGOLDE uses only non-gmo organic cotton for all it’s jeans.