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New York Fashion Week February 2018: Adalinda

The music played in a dance studio called Xixi located in the New York City, Garment District. It was the final day of fashion week and three talented sustainable/ethical designers and a crowed came out to enjoy the music and designs.


Edward Von

Edward Von's Japanese/Afro-punk inspired collection had a live theatrical feel. As his models really told a story of loving your self and owning it no matter who you choice to love. Through out the showcase he preposition the models to tell a story of forbidden love. While, of course wearing sustainable threads and fabric.

BAD BIRDY by Helen Stimson

Stimson's looks are made for more everyday wear. Here is a little insight in how Stimson see her supply chain.

"Our clothing reduces carbon footprint by locally sourcing and re-purposing used materials to create wearable and thought provoking garments. Simple, but clever designs allow us to create these garments at a fair price with fair labor." -Stimson


Arijana’s collection blends street-chic with inspiration from the beauty found in Central Park. All garments are handmade by Arijana in NYC with materials from local stores in the New York City, Garment District. The Central Park Collection is made of 100% organic twill material and 100% recycled thread.

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