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Arijana Dedic in one of her designs

Fashion has always been a part of her life. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she first came to America as a refugee in 2000. America introduced her to an entirely new world of fashion. She wanted to be a part of this new world so she took a sewing class and learned how to alter her clothes to fit in with the “cool kids.”

One of Arijana Dedic's Designs

Although fashion has always spoken to her, it is only in the past two years that she started dedicating herself to her passion. It started when her wonderful boyfriend bought her a sewing machine and she reconnected with her love of sewing. She took classes in Brooklyn and the Garment District and from there pushed her skills even further to design and garment construction. Her pieces are full of color and life with her inspirations coming from the wide variety of places she has lived and the people she has been fortunate enough to meet.

One of Arijana Dedic's Designs

For her S18 collection (showing Feb 16th), she was inspired by Central Park. She is lucky enough to live just a short walk from all the beauty that resides there. It has provided her with an escape from the city and a place to let her creative side flourish. This collection features very heavy embroidery with beautiful painted sketches of nature and architecture found in the park.

She uses organic material and recycled thread for this collection (YAY).

It was important for her to use sustainable and non- toxic materials because they are better for our environment and our skin (and we could not agree more).

One of Arijana Dedic's Designs

We are beyond thrilled to have Arijana as a part of our Sustainable Fashion Show. Her story and spirit bring life to her garments and we can’t wait for you to be inspired as well!



41 W. 36th St

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