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But first… Coffee!

Each Year Americans consume about 146 billion cups of coffee...What?!? That is insane!

Want to hear something even crazier? You can actually make active wear out of these used coffee grounds! Now your cup of Joe wakes you up in more ways than one!

With the innovation at companies like RUMI X upcycled coffee grounds are becoming the next eco fashion trend. RUMI X is one of our favs because they use creative sources for their

textiles such as up-cycled coffee grounds, plastic bottles, and water-based ink dyes. As everyone’s

workout routines have returned with a vengeance this new year, we ask you to start considering how the clothes you are wearing to the gym are either hurting or helping protect our precious Earth. We think being mindful about your body goes hand in hand with being mindful about our environment.

RUMI X has taken great strides from day one to create a process and product for the consumer that helps our beautiful environment stay healthy. They partner up with local coffee shops and recycling facilities to offer products based on what they call “Rumi’s Promise”. This unique concept provides 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking, soft to the touch, and breath-ability which are all crucial in a really great yoga workout.

I bet you’re wondering how in the world are coffee grounds used for clothing? Well let’s take a deep dive together! Here’s how it shops save their coffee grounds everyday and get sent to a recycling facility that washes and dries them before extracting their oils. Worried about the smell of coffee in the clothing? The extraction of the oil found in coffee grounds eliminates all coffee odor!! How great is that? Then they are put into small pellets ready to be spun into yarn. The end result is a beautiful piece of workout clothing that not only makes you feel incredible during your strenuous workout, but also puts your mind at ease knowing you have contributed to a cleaner environment.

One of us has actually worked in the coffee industry for over 5 years, and we are so excited to hear that all of the grounds from coffee shops can be used in ways other than for composting gardens. It makes us feel all warm inside knowing that those batches of drip coffee and espresso grounds will be helping people connect their mind, body, and spirit in a very impactful way.

The innovative ways companies are creating sustainable fashion is blowing our mind right now and getting us excited for what else is to come in such a highly demanding industry. Thank you RUMI X for all of your inspiration!

ps. Starbucks! Are you listening to this amazing opportunity to help our planet?

pps. About 30-50 billion water bottles are consumed each year in America alone... another insane number that can be recycled into active wear. RUMI X even calculates how many bottles are saved from each garment you buy online. Head over to their website add use discount code ADALINDAFASHION to save 15%.

Keep working out!

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