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Be Fit and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

So we are two weeks into 2018, have you been able to keep your resolutions? Most of ours revolve around working out, doing more yoga, eating clean and being mindful when it comes to our consumption and waste. We did some research and found some active wear brands that make their products using sustainable practices. Which totally helps us kill two of our resolutions with one stone :)


Yoga Barn Design

This company was created to bring beauty and originality to your yoga mat in order to make your yoga practice that much more fun. From their hot yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber, to the water based inks used in their printed designs, they offer us a wide variety of sustainably made mats that we can feel good about. Giving back is also part of their business plan. $1 from every purchase goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need. Ps. all of the mats are beautiful…good luck picking your favorite!


This company designs and manufactures innovative active wear apparel using sustainable fibers such as recycled plastic bottles, upcycled coffee grounds and water-based ink dyes. This allows them to make a positive impact on our planet, changing waste to recycled goods that would otherwise contribute to landfill. We also love their fun colors and prints! #feelgoodmovement #forsure



A very special brand. This is an eco-friendly brand that is made in Canada. The brand is best known for their distinctive designs which feature replicas of original artwork created either by the late mother of NoMiNoUs’ founder and by international artists that they collaborate with. We love the originality and personal connection these pants bring.


Kentwool Socks

Family owned and operated since 1843. Based in Greenville, SC, all KENTWOOL products are made in the USA. In 2009, they installed a solar electricity generation system at their North American manufacturing complex. This generates enough power to offset all office and corporate functions of their 100,000 square-foot operations base. Another thing we love is that these socks are made from sustainable yarn that is made from coconut fibers ANNNND they reduce odor! Major thumbs up :)



All of their clothing is made from fabric that is spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles, then they are cut, printed, and hand sewn with love using only environmentally friendly practices. All products are produced in the US which further reduces their carbon footprint (less cross ocean travel for sure). It takes over 200 years for a plastic bottle to decompose so we love that they are keeping these items out of our landfills. We think you are going to love the fun hippie vibes these leggings evoke – we do!


We love the basic tonal appeal of this brand. Everything can be mixed and matched and tied back to your entire active and casual wardrobe. The best part of this brand? Their products are made from sustainability sourced merino wool and recycled polyester made from water bottles. This is always music to our ears and makes us want to add new hip hop songs to our iTunes and hit the trail running.


So put on that sports bra and leggings and grab your favorite yoga mat! Get out there and get that body moving! Strong and healthy for the new year! We will be here to help you do it sustainability.

P.S. - If you are building your sustainable collection or just buying new clothes for fun, please consider going through the links in this blog post. It helps keep the website going, community supported, and the information free! Plus, it doesn't cost any extra. Win-win!

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