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Holiday Dressing for the Heart

What to wear when you want to show the world your holiday spirit … and do it in a sustainable and ethical way (of course). Don’t worry, babe – we have you covered. From the office party with photo booths and drink tickets to your friend's loft for finger food, cock tails and depending how the night goes…mistletoe kisses. These are our favorite party tops, pants, dresses and earrings to get us from one eggnog cocktail to the next.


Jasper Top from Reformation

Dress it up or down with denim pants or a black pencil skirt. Throw a blazer over it and make it office party appropriate. Not only is it velvet – which is a must-have this season, but it is made from a company that is conscious of how it produces clothing. Reformation is not 100% sustainable yet, however, they do invest in programs that replace the resource they use. In exchange for the emissions and water used by making their clothing, they help plant forests, invest in clean water solutions and purchase landfill gas offsets. We never feel guilty looking reformation good.


Mini Shift Dress from Cossac

While everyone else is showing up in their deep red satin and gold sparkles, this understated shift dress is a nice change of pace. It is sexy and subtle and we absolutely love the idea of rocking some 70’s inspired split sleeves. This dress is made from 100% jersey modal fabric which is a sustainable material that is silky to the touch. It is also ethically produced in Europe which we think is even sexier than the mini length that will definitely get those legs some attention.


Sasha Plaid Dress from Amour Vert

We love the idea of a holiday plaid! Throw a black turtleneck under this dress to keep you warm and you are set to sip on some champagne all night long. This particular dress is cut from sustainably sourced wool. All of the wool in Amour Vert’s products come from Tollegno 1900 which is one of the last mills in Northern Italy to spin its own yarn. Tollegno 1900 selects it’s wool from the best sustainable ranches in New Zealand and Australia and incorporates practices that suit the unique environment to promote biodiversity and grazing.


If you don’t feel like slipping into this year's iteration of a slip dress for your holiday dressing, then consider these cigarette pants. Classy and versatile, pair them with your favorite silky button down and heeled booties for a very classic look that will still turn heads. These particular 1950’s inspired pants are made from 100% non-mulesed wool which is from Uruguay and serves as the perfect foundation for added warmth! No need to worry about poor factory conditions when shopping with Zady. They know that the wool yarns are spun, dyed and woven in Biela, Italy and then cut and sewn in New York City. Knowing where and how your clothing is produced is just as practical as these black pants that you can literally where anywhere.


Bambina Square Fringe Earrings from Kashmiry Jewelry

If you don’t have time to think about an entire new outfit for your holiday soirees you can always throw on your LBD with a pair of fabulous statement earrings like these. All of Kashmiry jewelry is designed using traditional wax carvings and is made in collaboration with NY based casters and skilled jewelers. Kashmiry also donates 10% of their profits to charity and nonprofit organizations working to promote art and creativity in everyday life. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than throwing on some sparkle and helping others?


Here’s to a wonderful holiday season for all – to the ones who wear the beautiful dress to celebrate their first Christmas with their new husband, to the ones who worked hard to design that dress and bring their dream to a reality, and to the ones who learned to sew from their mothers and now use that trait at the factory they work at to make money to send their children to school. We are all connected, we all deserve happiness, and there is no better time to recognize and acknowledge this. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

P.S. - If you are building your sustainable collection or just buying new clothes for fun, please consider going through the links in this blog post. It helps keep the website going, community supported, and the information free! Plus, it doesn't cost any extra. Win-win!

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