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Defining Fashion Terms


It is important to define the terms used in language so all the parties in the conversation have a clear understanding of what is being discussed. Currently, there are a few movements happening in the fashion industry. And people are confused by the terms out there. So we did a few quick google searches to see what each term means. Here is the overall theme found for each term.

Fast Fashion

A business model where clothing is produced rapidly and cheaply. The clothing is generally made overseas in third world countries to reduce cost. This results in lower retail prices and shorter lead times. Trends are able to hit stores multiple times a week.

Slow Fashion

Originally inspired by the slow food movement, clothing is made local and environmentally friendly. There is a stronger focus on ethical practices rather than trends. Therefore, production and trends have no timeline.

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion that focuses on ethical production practices. There is an intent to positively impact or sustain the environment. The term can also be used to intend positive impact on socioeconomic coexisting with fashion.

Upcycled Fashion

When second-hand, recycled, found objects and repaired materials are utilized in the process of making a garment.

Responsible Fashion

Fashion which is made free of poor working conditions, fair labor wages are in play and has little to no negative impact on the environment. All while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

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