September 2018

Adalinda's Seasonal Fashion Shows are a showcase of designers committed to social progression and environmental awareness. Our September 2018 featured designers:

Alexandra Biddle. Edward JR Von. Helen Stimson. Stemp Apparel

Stemp sept 2018.png


Hemp Fashion Based in Brooklyn

From bustling Kathmandu Nepal all the way to cool Brooklyn. Stemp brings you hemp clothing and accessories that are made in Nepal. Stemp believes in bringing hemp fashion to people not just as an alternative but also as a trendy wear.


Deadstock Fashion Based in Brooklyn

Edward sources his materials from local shops who are committed to keeping textiles from landfills. His collections are grounded in telling a story of loving your self and owning your power.


Up-Cycled Fashion Based in Brooklyn

Stimson's looks are utilitarian: made everyday wear. Stimson sees her supply chain through the following lens, "Our clothing reduces carbon footprint by locally sourcing and re-purposing used materials to create wearable and thought provoking garments. Simple, but clever designs allow us to create these garments at a fair price with fair labor." -Stimson


Sustainability Sourced Textiles Based in Brooklyn

Allie sources her materials from sustainable vendors. She is currently a student at Pratt. Adalinda was her first runway fashion show. Her collection is grounded in purity of nature.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ken Grille and Nav Shergill