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Choosing Ethical Fashion Brands: Why to Trust B-Corps

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Vote with your dollars. Finding brands to trust can be a challenge. Shopping sustainable and ethical for can also be a challenge. We've created a list of B-Corps to easily buy from. Shopping these brands will give you one less thing to feel guilty about.

When seeking validation that a brand is authentic and true about their sustainable and ethical practices consumers can turn to B-Corp.

First, what is a "B-Corporation"?

A B-Corp or B-Corporation is a private certification given to for profile business who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance people and profit. These companies are leading the way to use business as a force for good.

B-Corporation logo on Adalinda

The process to obtain B-Corp status is rigorous. This makes brand members trusted and verified. In today's economy it is easy for brands to hide information and green-washing. This blog is designed to help you avoid getting tricked.

Brands are not just given B-Corp status. Instead they go through a certification process to measure the company’s entire social and environmental impact. The certification process checks a company’s impact on all levels. They take the whole supply chain into account from the start of a product or service all the way through to the last consumer and end of life. The process even digs deep into the administration practices. All brands accepted into this status have to have environmental and social goals in practice for future operations.

This ensures people over profit.

At Adalinda, we highly recommend conscious consumers to shop from B-Corp Fashion Brands. Conscious consumers will always feel safe and confident when choosing a B-Corp Brand.

Want to know more about the organization and the process click here?

Adalinda's Recommendations


Athleta B-Corp

Niche: Active Wear Sex: Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s

Sustainability / Ethics:

-P.A.C.E Program to educate and empower women working in factories.-46% of fabrics are made with sustainable fiber. (goal to be at 80% by 2020)

Shop Athleta: click here.


Elieeb Fisher B-Corp Adalinda

Niche: Casual Clothing Sex: Women’s

Sustainability / Ethics:

- Textile sourced and treated sustainability, uses bluesign technologies.

- Working on making retail stores and offices climate positive.

Shop Eileen Fisher: click here.