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Gender Neutrality + The Phluid Project

Pink or blue? Parents for decades have been conditioned to associate these colors with their soon to be born infant. Baby showers are created around these colors denoting which gender the baby will actually be. This century old tradition has been deeply embedded in most people’s minds and social constructs. Most retail stores you walk into also display their clothing in separate sections based on gender. That is until now. Companies like The Phluid Project have come along as a game changer in the fashion industry. They have every intention of challenging these old ways of thinking by creating a space and experience that will greatly impact our rigid minds. Their Goal? “They wish to create a strong sense of community as well as a curated platform for those wishing to be active in changing years of programing our minds in the world of fashion.”

Gender neutrality. Two very powerful words that encompass so many movements across the globe and make headlines everyday. The fashion industry is taking this new idea head on. The industry has innovative and forward thinking players that want to give us a platform for a stronger voice as well as the opportunity to choose. With companies like The Phluid Project popping up we no longer have to constrain ourselves to what others believe we are or should be. We now have a place that has made it acceptable to express ourselves in the way we want and to wear what makes us most comfortable. These companies have dedicated time and thought on how they can pave the way to a more self expressed future.

In the fashion world, there has been backlash for the lack of feminine expression in regards to gender neutral clothing. So far, most “neutrality” has been expressed with a more masculine undertone (think baggy shirts and sweatshirts). Initially it seemed as if the focus was more on comfortability as retailers began journeying down this road. However, while shopping at The Phluid Project we noticed the assortment progression and the inclusion of all levels on the feminine to masculine spectrum. It is exciting to find stores that are completely moving away from separating the placement and display of clothing by gender and at The Phluid Project everything is merchandised together in a more fluid and neutral presentation. And we are really digging it.

The Phluid Project steps boldly into this realm of offering styles, colors, and patterns that appeal to whomever wishes to wear them, there are no labels. They create an experience for each person who walks through their front door through the aesthetics, displays, and overall feeling. They have created a space that allows spontaneous but comfortable conversations amongst like-minded individuals. Their intention is to allow the process of shopping and meeting people to be one of comfortability, curiosity, and also acceptance. They wish to create a strong sense of community as well as a curated platform for those wishing to be active in changing years of programming our minds in the world of fashion. True Trailblazers.

The other cool factor: there are speakers, shows, art exhibitions, a coffee shop and juice bar - all as ways to encourage an inter-mixing of concepts and convos. #inclusion

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