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Reformation: Reasons to love them

As the holidays rapidly approach, a combination of anxiety and excitement fills the air. Excitement over being surrounded by family and friends and sharing lasting experiences and creating timeless memories. Anxiety over what menu to create, what ensemble to wear to the events, and the possibility of awkward moments around the spiked eggnog bowl. While we can’t offer advice on most of the mentioned scenarios, we are excited to introduce to you an incredible company whose roots are deeply embedded in something our heart is most aligned with...sustainable fashion. Looking great, feeling great, and knowing that the money spent on your party dress helped not hurt our environment is more than most can say they accomplish each holiday season. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the gut wrenching awkwardness of Bridget Jones…. and have probably been there ourselves.

The company we are offering as a gift to unwrap this season is Reformation. This Los Angeles based company was founded by Yael Aflalo in 2009 and has grown in a very strong way ever since its birth.

Tara ( Adalinda Co-Owner) in Reformation Dress

The intention was to not only create a great product with the climate in mind, but also to foster an incredible working environment that the teams are heavily invested in. Their warehouse in LA gives tours to those curious about what sustainable fashion in the U.S. actually looks like. They offer a wealth of information on their textiles and processes used which is close to our hearts at Adalinda.

Here’s what we love about them-

1. They use sustainable textiles like Tencel and Viscose as well as some Deadstock.

2. They follow sustainable practices-for example, they actually give back the gallons of water used during production on each fabric as well as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. What great transparency and mindfulness!

3. They invest in green infrastructure buildings for production to eliminate as much waste as possible.

4. And this seals the deal- RefRecycling: “Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing per person, per year. You can get pre-paid shipping labels in our stores and on our website so you can recycle your clothes when you’re over them.”

These 4 things along with so many other contributions to our climate as well as humanity are why we have picked as a company to support not only throughout the holidays but indefinitely. So while those awkward family moments are inevitable, you can just think about how your velvet dress is helping our community and all peace will be restored in your heart <3

P.S. - If you are building your sustainable collection or just buying new clothes for fun, please consider going through the links in this blog post. It helps keep the website going, community supported, and the information free! Plus, it doesn't cost any extra. Win-win!

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