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but, WHY?

Some thoughts from her



Because you are a human being and know in your heart that all human beings deserve to be treated with kindness and basic human decency. You want every single human to have freedom, a living wage and a way to support their family. You imagine the world that works for everyone. Where a worker in the fashion industry has a working environment that supports human growth and compassion. Current Situation: most of our clothes are produced in places that are very poor and basic needs are not met. There is also a major problem with using slave and child labor due to the lack of regulations. Because you realize we all share the same home. Mother Earth has nourished us and provided us with everything we have ever needed and it's time to stop wasting her resources. You want our human race to treat her with the love, kindness and respect that she has shown us. You know that it is important to stop depleting her for capital gain and start being mindful and creative with how we produce our clothing. Current Situation: The apparel industry is responsible for 20% of Earth's fresh water pollution and is the second biggest polluting industry in the world, only behind oil. Because you love fashion and you love the planet and you are ready to do something about it.

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