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       Season after season it becomes a common practice to dump your unwanted clothes to GoodWill every season. We tell ourselves that another person would be benefiting from the donated items. It seems as if throwing away clothes was never an actual option because we are donating them.

       As the amount of fashion that has been produced those donation boxes have been filling up quicker than ever. But, recent media has everyone questioning are we really donating clothes? Are there more clothes in the bins than people who need them? Therefore, we are really throwing them away?


       As awareness has significantly increased around environmental and economic sustainability, we would like to focus on how fashion can be a key player towards a healthier future. I’d like to preface this post by mentioning supporting the sustainable fashion industry does not mean getting rid of all of your clothes and replacing them with fresh new brands. Not only is that going against the intent of sustainability, it could also break your bank!


There are plenty of options we would like for you to consider to keep you within the realm of sustainability as you do some spring cleaning.




       Let's get started. Go to your closet and make a pile for yes, maybe, and no. This could take some time as I realize clothing often holds sentimental value as well as necessity. You can even start by taking out pieces that are a definite yes initially and setting those aside.


       Once you have completed the sorting process, now you can re-organize your saved items however you wish. This can be a fun process as you begin re-build your wardrobe giving it a fresh face lift.




       Once you have completed the process of refreshing your closet and chest of drawers, it’s time to create a list of essential items moving forward that you wish to tackle. You need to ask yourself; What is needed in my closet? Make a list and come back to Adalinda. We have a section of our site to connect you to sustainable fashion brands. 


Keep in mind that your closet should always have key items (depending on your lifestyle and career) such as…

which is Rent The Runway       Another route you can take would be online platform making designer clothes available to its members. You have the option to pay as you go or to make a monthly payment for a few garments or unlimited amounts. They have created an eco-friendly packaging system as well as a dry cleaning method that saves on water and avoids harmful chemicals. This is a great idea for clients either looking for an entirely fresh wardrobe each month, or for someone who has events to attend often and doesn’t want to to pay a huge amount for a new article of clothing.


can give you Closet Merchant       As overwhelming as all of this can be, this will feel so refreshing as well as inspiring when you start thinking of how you can create a more sustainable wardrobe as well as help others in a truly meaningful way. One of our friends and partners, Diane Salkiewicz offers the service of coming to your house and going through your closet to guide you through the process. Her company, The hands on help with her affordable package deals, all which begin with a free consultation to determine which path to take.




       Now it’s time to focus on your giveaway items. But, first take a pause and do a little thinking and researching of where these could go. There is thrift store donation or you could start to get creative and attend a local swap meet. Even sell your clothes online.  You can google local swap meets as most cities have great recommendations. If you have trouble finding local communities, take a look at online swap alternatives like thredUP, Swap Style, and Rehash Clothes. Each of these sites walk you through how to register and begin the process for free.


       Another option for your give away pile could be to sell it online if you’d like to make a little money (and save up for future sustainable items).  Here is a list of the top sites you could investigate and take action if you so choose, click here. With this list, we highly recommend visiting each site to see which one best fits your needs and goals. Each one has been examined with transparent feedback so you can more deeply consider your options.


     If donating to a charitable cause is what you feel best about, a couple of non-profits to consider are Dress for Success and Career Wardrobe. These organizations focus on empowering women in transition periods. We all know how difficult it can be to dress the part when your budget is on a shoestring. These two organizations provide personal styling in their local boutique as well as services to help women get back on their feet in the professional realm. Your donations to these boutiques could be a conduit for all kinds of successful outcomes.


      An alternative to donating clothing is recycling. If you don’t have a local recycling center but wish to donate check out the options on community recyclings website.

      Reformation provides a recycling option as well, just another reason we absolutely love them. When you purchase something from them, it gets sent in a box with a return label for you to place unwanted clothing in and send back to their headquarters. Check out this video for more information.


      We hope this article was helpful. If you still have questions please email us at with the subject: Fed-back on Building your Sustainable Collection Post.


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