The platform that connects you to sustainable fashion

We believe Beautiful Clothes are made Responsibly.

We are committed to being conscious. We are committed to staying aware. We are committed to making empowering choices. We are committed to social progression. We are committed to all human beings having the right to choose.

Together we know fashion and justice are the perfect couple.


Mission for the World

Adalida Fashion is a sustainable fashion platform. We provide the infrastructure for designer(s) and brand(s) that is designed to elevate their business to the next level. By leveraging visual presentations such as live events and social channels. We connect sustainable fashion designers to our client base.



Vision for the World

A world without waste and freedom for all human beings. We do this through an unconventional process and grounded in the spirit of the community. We focus on global sustainable awareness and education on how we wear and produce clothes. Our platform is the authority for sustainable fashion certification.

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